The Dome Of The Rock And Brunelleschi 's Dome Essay

The Dome Of The Rock And Brunelleschi 's Dome Essay

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Without a doubt, domes are beautiful infrastructures of human creation. But how did they think about those infrastructures, how did they came with the idea of building a dome? This is a design that engineers still use nowadays in 2016. Many people have use domes has gorgeous structures, for protection, or even for climate purposes. They are all around the world, they are being used by different people, but one thing is sure, they all have different ways of being seen and different stories that keep them mysterious. Despite their mysterious side, the domes’ historical side can’t be discuss without the Dome of the Rock and Brunelleschi’s dome; both of religious aspects of the middle east.

Everyone in this world had been in contact with religion, whether it was by exchanging words with a pratiquant of a certain religion, by watching a religious movie, by learning about religion in class, etc. But the only way that of feeling the power of religion is by knowing what the Dome of the Rock is representing. Situated in Jerusalem, “the holy place”, the Onion Dome (another way of saying the Dome of the Rock) is sacred to both Muslims and Jews. Built during the late 7th century by Caliph Abd al-Malik, it is believed that the prophet Muhammad began his ascension to heaven from this site, more precisely from the rock in the middle of the temple, but for Jews, the tradition refers that Abraham prepared the sacrifice of his son Isaac on this land. Seen as one of the biggest religious building, the Dome of the Rock is actually not a mosque, and experts still debate on what its principal function was and is nowadays. Built with extraordinary colors, the dome is made of wood recovered by gold, which served to show the power of the new faith of Is...

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...n, domes are beautiful structures that human have created in a way that it revolutionized the architecture and religion domain of our world. It all started with huts created by middle east and mediterranean tribes centuries ago. Followed by the home of Muhammed, The Dome of the Rock, a building which was constructed especially for representing the ascension to heaven of Muhammed believe Muslims. For Jews, it is from this site that Abraham, the progenitor and first patriarch for the Hebrew people, has prepared the sacrifice of his son Isaac. Being inspired by the Onion Dome, the Christian’s committee of Florence decided to surmount the Florence Cathedral by a gigantic self supported dome built by Brunelleschi. Using the « spina pesce » design, it contains about 4 million bricks and weigh around 40 thousands tons, Brunelleschi’s dome is still the biggest in the world.

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