The Dollar and Sense of Preventive Care Essay

The Dollar and Sense of Preventive Care Essay

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The introduction and implementation of the Affordable Healthcare Act has put the insurance industry and healthcare costs under the public microscope. As politicans, insurance executives, doctors and consumers scutinize every cost associated with healthcare, Preventive Health Care has become a topic of debate. Preventive health care saves lives and contribute to a better quality of life by diagnosing medical conditions at early more treatable stages. This paper examines the effectiveness of preventive healthcare in containment of health care costs and overall health benefit of consumers. After a brief introduction to preventive health care, the paper provides evidence of prevention activities that generate significant cost saving to consumers, the effects preventive care has on health care providers and how both impact consumer health. The success of preventive care will be deomonstrated by corelating reduction in healthcare costs to preventive care implementation. Based on this correlation of success, a future preventive care plan can be constructed to provide continued cost controls for healthcare and greater overall health for the consumer.
Preventive care is not a new concept and dates back to the Carter administration when health care cost containment was first part of federal legislation. Its important to understand how preventive care is defined today. According to Mosby’s Medical Dictionary 8th edition (2009) preventive care is defined as,
a pattern of nursing and medical care that focuses on disease prevention and health maintenance. It includes early diagnosis of disease, discovery and identification of people at risk of development of specific problems, counseling, and other necessary intervention to avert a he...

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