Essay about Doing Observations Was A Great Learning Experience

Essay about Doing Observations Was A Great Learning Experience

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Doing observations was a great learning experience. It provided some ideas on what to do and what not to do when teaching. It also gave an opportunity for observing several different teaching styles. There is Ms. G, Ms. T, Ms. S, Ms. A, Ms. Y, and Ms. V, and all of them taught differently. Granted, some closer than others, but all different none the less. Overall, they are all great teachers and their classes are enjoyable. However, there were a couple of things that may not be up to par.
According to the Danielson Domain two, classroom environment, a teacher should do things like create an environment of respect and rapport and establish a culture for learning. All of the teachers had good respect in their classrooms. For example, Ms. S, Ms. A, and Ms. Y clap, then have the children clap back to get their attention. Another example, in Ms. G’s classroom, when she lets the kids get in their own group, she makes sure that the students all got along. She says “Remember, we are all friends. If someone ask to be buddies we say yes.” She made sure no one was left out. I know the students understand this because one of them said “I am friends with everybody because I’m nice.” However, Ms. T’s students call her by her first name. Ms. T prefers it that way and asked them to. They still call her Ms., so it is kind of respectful. However, it still does not feel right. It is a sign of respect to call a teacher by his or her last name. If there is respect within the classroom, students will learn. There are also other ways to establish a culture for learning. For example, Ms. V, shows pride in her students work by hanging up there projects in her room. Ms. V also shows she has clear and high expectations
of her students by having a weekly c...

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... checks the books the students are reading to make sure they are not reading anything above or below their reading level. Unlike the other teachers, Ms. T also has her students write a summary about the book they are reading every time they finish reading their book. This ensures they are understanding the material they are reading as well as gives them practice writing.
Finally, in domain three a teacher should use assessment in instruction and demonstrate flexibility and responsiveness. This means a teacher should observant, and have the ability to adjust lessons according to students ' needs. For example, Ms. V taught the same material two days in a row. The second day she when more in detail and used more examples. When she saw that they still did not understand, she asked them why they are still confused and what she can do to help them better understand.

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