Essay on Doing Business in Russia

Essay on Doing Business in Russia

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Researching and understand the education, values, technology, political, economic environment, and social organization of Russia has better enabled an understanding of the way business is conducted and the overall feel of the country. Russia being previously being under communist rule has made them a more recent addition to the global business market. This makes it both challenging and exciting for other countries to do business with them. In recent times, Russia is one of the fastest growing economies and willing to change ways to better accommodate and keep up with Western societies.
Language & Communication: If any, what is the official language spoken? If any, what other languages are spoken in the area? What is the linguistic style and communication style? Some verbal/non-verbal taboos to consider)
The official language of Russia is Russian, although many other minority languages are spoken throughout the country. Russian style of communication varies from that of the United States, naturally, comparing it is the best way to compare and contrast cultural communication differences. At a meeting in the United States, meeting attendees would give feedback and visual communication gestures, as compared to a meeting in Russia, where little or no visual feedback would be given to the speaker. That is taken as a sign of disinterest to people who are not familiar with this form of communication. These

Currently, Russia is in need of educated professionals to take the country to the next level of business and capitalization. In the article Russia’s Human Capital Challenge, published in 2013, Vladimir Mau, a respected Russian economist evaluates Russia’s current educational system and points out main flaws that are curr...

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