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Essay on Dog Therapy

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Florence Nightingale, a founder of nursing philosophy, noted in her 1859 nursing notes that a small pet was an excellent companion for the sick, especially patients with chronic cases. Pet therapy is a therapeutic aid that supports medical cures and enhances the relational and emotional status of the sufferer. A Hypothesis propounded on by doctors S.R. Kellert and E.O. Wilson was “No one who looks at the evidence can doubt that animals in hand improve the quality of modern human life…” (sic). An indisputable study proved that a therapy dog can reduce the agitation behavior in institutionalized persons with the Alzheimer’s diseases. A study conducted at the University of California showed that having animals at nursing homes also gave animal care givers job satisfaction.
It is undeniable about the healing powers of dogs, and most fundamentally among the elderly whose conditions deteriorate because of loneliness. Too often, people who live alone or are suddenly widowed die of broken hearts. Love is the most important medicine and pets are one of nature's best sources of affection. Pets relax and calm. They take the human mind off loneliness, grief, pain, and fear. They cause laughter and offer a sense of security and protection. They also give the patients the will to live and be alive. Research has proved that heart attack patients that own pets are most likely to live longer than those without pets. Animals or rather pets, are believed to provide a constant source of comfort and focus for attention. They encourage exercise and broaden the circle of one's acquaintances (Cynthia & Peggy, 2009).
Pet ownership also reduces stress-induced symptoms; this explains why most hospitals and therapy offices have aq...

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