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BAM! Dogs, now a man's best friend. The most common pet, thanks to wolves. Now let's go

way back in time before dogs existed. Now, wolves gradually evolved into dogs. A wolf and a dog

are the same species. They also have the same DNA. Hunting dogs are more related to wolves.

Some people long ago tried to breed dogs by changing their features. For example, a doberman

pinscher got most of its tail cut off. Now they have such small tails! A corgi has a natural tail. A great

dane has surgically cut ears so that they are standing up. A scottish terrier looks like it has a beard but

its just that the hair on its neck got shaved off.

After the common breeds got created, the owners gave the dogs jobs according to their qualities.

There are several that I can name. One is a st. Bernard. A st. Bernard job is to seek people who get lost

in snowdrifts. Hunters use beagles to help find animals to hunt. Back in those days, people would use

small dogs for digging small holes instead of using shovels. If you were a fisherman, you would

probably train your dog or dogs to go get your fishing net. Finally my last but not least example is the

eskimo. Eskimos are trained to pull sleds over the snow.

Some dog breeds got their names by where they are most popular. For example the dalmatian.

The name dalmatian came from a place in Croatia called Dalmatia. The weimaraner came from a place

called Weimar. The cairn terriers got their name because they hunted cairns. The jack russell is a little

different. They got their name because a man named Jack Russell bought a white dog and bred the dog

and named the dog breed after him. The basset hound came from the french word “bas” which means

low. The basset hound has ears that han...

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...s also not been put in a breed group yet.

Overall, dogs can be classified in many different ways. By breed, by what their parents are, by

talents, and also by their look or appearances. Many people are trying to create many other breeds. And

there are many breeds just that we don't know about them. Now such as in Africa, the people are trying

to stop breeders from doing selective breeding so that the people who buy the dogs can have the dogs

the way they want them to look. And if they want the dog to be bred, they will ask for it. Now dogs are

becoming more and more popular. But also more and more are becoming homeless. That's why there

are adoption shelters. People are trying at all costs to help these poor dogs. Breeders are breeding a lot

now and there are more dogs. Now there are so many dogs. Now the new saying is “a human's best


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