Does The Natural Light During Winters Really Create Depression Within A Person?

Does The Natural Light During Winters Really Create Depression Within A Person?

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Nidhi Jadhav
“Moody Lighting?”

Does the natural light during winters really create depression within a person? Did you Ever wondered why suicide incidents happen on a larger scale in countries having less hours of daylight? Does Lighting really affect your Emotions? Many scientists have studied and claimed clear proofs and explanations that all types of lighting affect the emotions and mood of the person in a number of ways. According to the Huffington post “Research published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology shows that the more intense the lighting, the greater a person 's emotions -- both positive and negative.” Even the smallest changes that happen in the lighting of our surroundings affect us unknowingly in our everyday lives.

The “Placebo effect” and “Blue public lighting” were some of the studies which helped prove the same. The placebo effect was basically the different colored placebo pills which were “hot-colored” and “cool-colored” pills were consumed by patients who reacted differently to the pills depending on the color under different lights. The “Blue public lighting” study happened at Glasgow, later in 2000. It showed the connection of color and lighting in regards to the emotions and mindset of people. As a result of this study street lighting was changed to blue colored lighting which resulted in lesser crimes in these areas. Later in 2009, this technique was used by a Japanese company to reduce the rate of suicide attempt. Lighting if used on a larger scale affects our moods which help in certain socio political issues to be resolved. Hence we know as a fact that Lighting does affect the individual’s emotion or mood. It is the second most important after food in controlling the bodily functions.


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...spring and summer. "Bright light intensifies the initial emotional reaction we have to different kinds of stimulus including products and people, Xu said”.

Lighting is one of the most part of our lives and how each day it affects us unknowingly. The sun has been one of the most important source of lighting. In earlier days when work happened based on natural lighting lack of light during night time affected our bodies and caused more creation of melatonin hormone which in turn affected the people’s mood which made them feel tired, fatigued and sleepy. Scientists have studied that sunnier days can bright up one’s mood while the the white clouds or a cloudy day dulls you down. Studies based on lighting and research hence shows that lighting is a necessity and be it on a larger scale or a smaller one, it does affect the person and his emotions in some way or the other.

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