Does The Mind Exist? Essay

Does The Mind Exist? Essay

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Does the Mind Exist?
I will be writing on the topic Does the Mind Exist? Analyzing it through the views of Rene Descartes “Meditation on First Philosophy”, Meditation VI and Paul Churchland “Eliminative Materialism”. Rene Descartes is a 17th Century French philosopher, a dualist who believes that the mind is distinct and separate from the body, that there is an immaterial mind and a material body and that imagination differs from understanding (Perry 175). By doubting his belief and senses, Descartes proved that physical objects exist (Perry 175). While Paul Churchland is a Canadian born modern day philosopher in the 19th century, He is a materialist who through his research and works in philosophy of neuroscience and study of the mind believes that “common sense psychology” is totally wrong (Perry 287). To the materialist like Churchland, the mind does not really exist, all that there is, is matter. However, in this paper ‘Does the Mind Exist’, the views of Rene Descartes and Paul Churchland are presented, and I will be siding with Paul Churchland.
Descartes using mathematical principles states that physical objects for certain exist because mathematics can be comprehended “clearly and distinctly”. He went on to state that the understanding of mathematics clearly prove that physical objects exist and that certainly there is nothing impossible for God to create unless there is an inconsistency in him comprehending that thing clearly (Perry 174). To further buttress this, he states that imagination is the application of the power of thought to a certain body which is immediately present to the thought and which must therefore exist (Perry 174). Based on this premise, he went on to argue that imaginat...

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...called mind. Even Descartes affirm that among things that can be proven, mathematics and science is certain (Perry 175).
Conclusively, humans are physical being, which can be felt and touched, from the time of conception achieved through the joining of sperm and egg (physical things) to when they are born and nurtured to adulthood, they are totally physical beings. The body being a physical thing and brain also physical like every other parts of the body like legs and stomach can be touched and felt in its functioning state, all parts grew and matured without a need to explain its development to a mental state, the development can be physically explained and how the brain impacted the development. And should the brain be totally damaged (brain dead) other parts of the body and its processes seize to function. How then can the body be an extension of the mind?

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