Does The Internet Making Us Smarter Or Dumber? Essay

Does The Internet Making Us Smarter Or Dumber? Essay

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Does the internet make us smarter or dumber is a question that has been asked more frequently, especially when referring to my generation. In Nicholas Carr’s article “Does the Internet Making Us Smarter or Dumber?” he adamantly believes that the internet is in fact making us dumber with its various distractions, hindering cognitive development, and affecting our knowledge retention. He supports his belief with studies such as the one conducted at a university where students were divided and only half were allowed to use their computers during class while the others were not (Carr,22) . The outcome showed that those who did not use the internet did better on the tests (22). After reading this article it made me ask the question myself and I believe that the internet is making me smarter in certain ways and dumber in others.
The internet definitely has its ways of making me dumber. With the it being so infinite in its wisdom it cuts back the necessity for me to have think deeply about things. For example, I remember an instance back in high school where we had to read the Shakespeare ...

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