Does The Internet Make You Smarter Or Dumber? Essays

Does The Internet Make You Smarter Or Dumber? Essays

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In the essay “ Does the Internet Make you Smarter or Dumber?”, Nicholas Carr provides information on how the internet is making human kind into scattered and superficial thinkers. Carr goes on to explain that being online can influence our cognitive abilities. Some of those cognitive skills can be strengthen but when some strengthen some are weakened, just a few including mindfulness, critical thinking, and imagination. Carr talks about the ill effects of computers and cellphones, that the ill effects don’t go away. The thing we seem to be sacrificing, according to Carr, is engaging in quiet, attentive modes of thought. Whereas the internet makes our brains scattered, a book focuses it. Carr states that reading a book helps us develop a rare kind of mental discipline. Reading a book gives our brain more control over our attention and our mind. Carr concludes that this mental discipline is what we are at risk of losing when we continue to skim the internet. I agree with some of the point that Carr is making, for instance we are so caught up with checking the internet we become distracted. Our minds cant pay attention to the simplest of things without jumping to something else. We need to become more aware of this and not spend so much time on the internet before its to late.
II. Outline
A. Paragraph 1-3: Carr first claims that even though the internet allows us unlimited access its also turning us into “ scattered and superficial thinkers” (Carr 22). Carr then goes into giving examples on how the internet is hindering peoples abilities in skills like imagination and comprehension. Carr states that the common thing with all the examples is the division of attention.
B. Paragraph 4-5: Carr proclaims that we are constantly distracte...

... middle of paper ... on our brains are on the road to becoming more shallow.
V. Connections
In the essay “ How computers change the way we think” by Sherry Turkle (722-6) goes on to talk about how computers change the way we think. Carr talks more about the cognitive disabilities of the internet whereas Turkle talks about the psychological consequences of computers. They both, however, talk about how our brains are changing for the worse in some aspects. Turkle talks about how now a days people are use to being surveillance with everything they do online. She then goes on to say that even though online chat rooms can provide a safe place for children it also hinders children’s ability to communicate in real life and talk about their feelings. Both essays are different but they still have a common connection and that is the ill effects on the brain that the internet and computers have

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