Does the Government Use Migration as a Labour Market Control Device? Essay

Does the Government Use Migration as a Labour Market Control Device? Essay

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The topic in discussion is does the government use migration as a labour market control device. However, before that question is answered there are some factors that need to be taken into consideration. Firstly, what is migration and why to people migrate. There needs to be an understanding of the different types of migrations, the main reason for migration and reasons that reveal why countries are accepting different kinds of migrants as well as economic factors influencing migration. Secondly we need to recognize the labour market situation in different nations, to see how it works and to what degree is it controlled by the government or is it left to be decided by the market and use these results to evaluate the question in order to get to the answer. Finally we have to understand the international employment relations in order to express the issue of migration and labour market to justice.
‘The first article tries to shed light on the matter of immigration and migrants in Europe due to factors such as economic immigration or asylum seeking, mainly in Britain and Germany which are the two proclaimed zero immigration countries. It investigates the theory of a fortress Europe in becoming and strives to discover the real foundation behind the situation. This article helps us break down the function of movement and migrants in Europe chronologically and also view the current version by offering a critical understanding of how Europe is portrayed today. The methodologies used are qualitative, case studies of real life events that have taken place and quantitative in terms of statistics to support the case.
There have always been people that have been relocating however; modernization has only increased the frequency in which they mo...

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... in terms of the nations but also explore the different aspects of immigration. It is possible to deduce that it is not government alone that can influence migration but also the demand and supply of human resources, the economic and political standings of a nation or region and laws and regulations on the matters of human rights and world aid. However, the government does use migration as a labour control device as was seen in the case of Europe as well as China, but the level of power the government has to enforce the laws against or for migration does vary from nation to nation. As for the impact of immigration on home country labour market, the result depends on various factors including the correlation between variables and elasticises of the demand and supply of labour as well as the occupations in question. The definitive answer is subjective to each scenario.

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