Does The Amount Of Schooling Measure A Person 's Intelligence Level? Essay

Does The Amount Of Schooling Measure A Person 's Intelligence Level? Essay

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Does the amount of schooling measure a person’s intelligence level? The essay “Blue Collar Brilliance” written by Mike Rose, argue that the intelligent a person has should not be measure under the amount of schooling, using the example of his uncle, who did not get a formal education, become the head of general motor. As for this, Rose suggest that education should be taken as priority. I agree with Rose point of view because the one who get formal education do not symbolize success. In older generation, many people could not afford the tuition, however they can also succeed. In the other word, having formal education does not grantee us a successful future.

People don’t go to college doesn’t mean that are not success in the future. People don’t attend to college has many reason, first is the family don’t have that much money to support their child tuition fee and other book fee money. Some people don’t want to go to college because they are not interesting in learn or don’t want to waste their time in school, they want to give this opportunity to their sister or brother go to college. Some people can’t go to college because they have to take care their family like need money to support their family, so they can’t waste their money on schooling. However, all these situation made some people can’t go to school or college, doesn’t mean they are not success in the future. People who don’t go to college can faster adapted to the society and get job experience. So for people who didn’t go to college didn’t mean they aren’t intelligence or smart, because amount of schooling can’t be measure a person who they are. According to the book the author, said that his uncle get off school since seven grade, but become a motor leader, this is a...

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...ege but still get success. So intelligence shouldn’t be measure a person how clever he/she is.

Although I think that intelligence is not closely related to our education, however, I prefer to think that education is place to gain knowledge, valuable, striving for and inspiration. Overall, intelligence is the ability of analyze, and critically and make informed judgments based on date. Education can develop intelligence and the growth of these skills, however, intelligence is not dependent on the education. Education is the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, not people who use intelligence measure people smart or not. Education is an important skill which can help people provides understanding and skills to develop more self-reliance, however the important distinction is that intelligence is not measure of the schooling people attend to school.

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