Does Teddy Roosevelt Deserve to be on Mount Rushmore Essay

Does Teddy Roosevelt Deserve to be on Mount Rushmore Essay

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George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt; each of these fine presidents’ faces are carved into the big mountain that we know to be Mount Rushmore. George Washington was our country’s first president: obviously. Abraham Lincoln wrote the Emancipation Proclamation: naturally. Thomas Jefferson was the principal author of the Declaration of Independence: certainly. But Theodore Roosevelt; what exactly did he accomplish, what did he do?
This nation’s 26th president, he is well known for many things. Some question whether or not what he accomplished during his presidency term is even worthy of having a face carved into Mount Rushmore. He was a renowned historian, author and naturalist/explorer. Once voted into office, not only was he popular with the people, but he was ready to start all of his new ideas. One of his biggest ones was his idea on foreign policies. Roosevelt firmly believed that the US was going to be a very powerful nation of the world. By doing so, the US needed to gain as much territories as possible. We were able to establish protectorates over spaces such as Guam, the Philippines, Guatemala and Puerto Rico. His edition to the Monroe Doctrine, named the Roosevelt Corollary, was to help with South American affairs. The Latin American country Venezuela, was suffering money issues with Germany and Britain. So to settle the dispute, the Roosevelt Corollary was set up to state that any place in the Western Hemisphere were having financial disputes, the US would be there to support them. They would act as a police man to watch over that area. Though it was maybe in his best intentions, Latin America as a whole grew to not like those terms as much. As well as the creation of the Great Whi...

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... safe enough work spaces. This got so out of hand, that President Roosevelt stepped in and told the company that if something was not worked out, and then the government was just going to have to come in and run their whole coal mining business.
Not just dealing with trying to keep peace domestically and during foreign affairs, Roosevelt was very much interested in nature. He was the president that started in conservation of our landscapes. He used his powers to help create over 100 national parks. He believed that our country’s diverse landscapes should be preserved; which is a good thing, because as we see today some of those beautiful landscapes have been destroyed to make material things. President Roosevelt certainly has added policies that have affected our nation as a whole in a very positive way. So yes, his face does deserve that spot on Mount Rushmore.

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