Does Technology Make Us More Lonely? Essay

Does Technology Make Us More Lonely? Essay

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Does Technology Make Us More Lonely?
Technology is a machine that is created by human, which is useful to many varieties of things. People created technology for many reasons such as communications, social with the outside world, make the job easier, and many more. On the other hand, people are realizing that technology has a serious impact towards us especially our young ones. People have classified that technology has many impacts that can affect families, friends, and the loved ones because of our generations can access now to any kind of social media on the internet. Technology is the evil of this world and soon it will make us alone and separate us from our family.
Technology has been one of the easiest ways for people to use in communication, socializing, and many more. But there is one thing in mind, people sometimes realize that technology has separated them from the love ones. Such as Michael Gonchar have to explain that technology has made us more lonely than we thought it could be. Gonchar explains how she makes her point “it makes me sad that there are moments in our lives where we’re not present because we’re are looking at a phone” (Gonchar). Gonchar is realizing how affected as human we are. Instead of listening to our families or friends stories, we look at our phone. She clearly stated that most people are blind and see the fact they are not even listening. Has in the short video, Gonchar shows how people are more into their little screen rather than communicate with their peers. It is not easy because now a day people are still rejecting their own mankind just for a little screen. Although, technology can also affect our generation.
Technology has been used around the world and it used in a good way and in a...

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...ey can do is suicide which mostly happen to teenage people. When you are blind what is the only reason of being blind is because of choosing to play video games all day and all night. When playing a video game its is hard for parent to spend time with their daughter or son because of a game. When looking at people who are having health problem such as getting skinny, and losing weight because people are not eating well. This technological effects where makes people alone.
We understand that people are using technology for the purpose of communication. They did not know that technology is killing people in so many ways that us human cannot see. In order to prevent this problems people should think twice before acting. Technology will take over human kind for next decades. This is the reason that technology have been making us alone and separate us with our families.

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