Does Suicide Make Sense? Essay

Does Suicide Make Sense? Essay

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When learning about Humes one of the most interesting parts of his philosophical theory was suicide. He blatantly attacks others’ views, that we have a job and duty to God, to live and in turn to not kill ourselves. He tries to challenge the rationality of suicide and unfortunately does not come to a complete conclusion. Many even criticize is his attempts at destroying the duty theory. One must consider as if stepping into Hume’s thoughts, one must ask several questions. Does suicide make sense? If so, is there ever a rational time to commit suicide? And if there can be a rational time, is life worth living in the first place? Why is it such a controversial topic? When considering these questions one must step back and view the opinion at hand from a subjective standpoint.
Suicide is the act of taking one 's own life on purpose, but to many it is hard to fathom why one would want to commit suicide. Suicide is often carried out as a result of despair, the cause of which is frequently attributed to a mental disorder such as depression. Most traditions deem self-imposed death as an unspeakable taboo and do not understand exactly why there would be any logic behind the act. Thinking you are better off dead can be due to many causes, whether it is emotional stress or even knowing death is inevitable. Those who contemplate suicide or have made attempts believe that there is no other solution. Humes asks the question. Are you actually better off dead because you believe something better is on the other side or is it due to the suffering that would follow if life were continued? What is actually bad about death? Of course, all our material possessions we worked hard for would be memories left behind with our families and friends. While...

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...tach value to material things, the intrinsic values are what I believe really pushes people. If one chooses that the values in their life, whether physical or spiritual are not enough then they have the right to contemplate their own death. One from the outside could not possibly see the degree of pain within and try to walk someone off a cliff.
Why is suicide the most debated topic in philosophy? There are many causes for a suicide, and generally the most obvious ones were not the most powerful. Rarely is suicide committed reflection. What sets off the crisis is almost always untraceable. It is hard to fix the precise instant, the subtle step when the mind opted for death, it is easier to take away from the act itself the consequences it implies. The inability to determine the exact view or what deems the act right or wrong is what makes it such an engaging topic.

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