Does Sexual Abuse in Adolescents Lead to Homosexuality? Essay

Does Sexual Abuse in Adolescents Lead to Homosexuality? Essay

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This study is about whether there is a correlation between physical and sexual abuse in adolescents becoming homosexual. Throughout past research there has been no direct correlation in stating is does cause adolescents to become homosexual. The event of someone changing their sexual identity is when they gone through some traumatic situation in their life. The tests we ran for this study are The Life Experience Questionnaire, The Lesbian Internalized Homophobic Scale, and The Acceptance and Action Questionnaire. This study is done to prove there is a correlation between physical and sexual abuse equaling homosexuality.

Homosexuality is increasing in number in today’s society due to a number of situations that people have gone through. There is even the existence of people saying they were born this way, as in the song by Lady Gaga. One may also have some people going, as far as to claim they knew there was something different about them all along. Is there the possibility of a link between traumatizing situations in someone’s life to the point where they “become” homosexual? Could the possibility of a traumatic experience from past adolescence, affect them this greatly?
Throughout research, there is an understanding of the possibility of there being a relationship connection between past traumatic events of adolescents to changing their life style from heterosexual to homosexual. What is considered an adolescent for this study are adolescents between the ages of 13-17 because once you are the age 18 you are considered a legal adult in the United States. The study will take place looking at the age bracket of adolescents, which live in the United States. In this, the research will be looking at th...

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