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Does Sentencing Have Somewhat Identity? Essays

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Does Sentencing Have Somewhat Identity?
In the United States of America, society expect a high expectation from the criminal justice system. It is difficult for the criminal justice system to control the behavior citizens and there have been different opinions on how to handle this difficult task. For example, many citizens believe that the sentencing process created by the United States Legislative, use their authority to determine on the types of punishment committed, however, different types of sentencing such as mandatory minimum sentences and indeterminate sentences does not reduce crime. Mandatory minimum sentences give the government an opportunity to equally charged all parties who been charged with similar misconduct, but it can be difficult for correctional officers to continue to monitor the prisoners through their ages. Indeterminate sentencing gives an offender a second chance to redeem themselves, however, criminals continue to go back to old habits, which leads to another prison sentences that creates overcrowding in the prison.
Is Mandatory Minimum Sentencing good for correctional officers?
Mandatory minimum sentencing can be considered to be a product of good intentions, but noble intents does not always have good results. Mandatory minimum sentencing can vary depending on the federal and state law as well as the nature of the crime. The judicial officer is authorized to impose a higher or lower sentences depending on the crime committed, however, the sentencing must be a minimum of years served in prison (Mandatory Sentence Law & Legal Definition, 2016). Although it seems the right approached from the decision made by the judicial officer, it is considered to be unfair to the Department of Correcti...

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...y environment.

In conclusion, the Department of Correctional Officers are required to follow proper procedures in order to maintain a personal safety in the prison system. The sentencing in the United States have caused stir with in the prison system such as overcrowding inmates and managing inmates with diabetes. Mandatory minimum sentencing and determinate sentencing can create limited space for inmates, but it can be a risk factor for the officer because it can undermine the safety of officers and inmates. Furthermore, inmates with health issues can be difficult for correctional officers because inmates can use their illness to gain the advantages to hurt an officer with sharp objects. In addition, contributing factors to the United States Law are included with the fears of crime and no possibility of parole based on the sentences given by the court.

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