Essay Does New Communication Technology Benefit Society

Essay Does New Communication Technology Benefit Society

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The media Digital today opened a variety of activities appealing , attractive young people than ever before , and where they created a series of new demands that previous generations did not imagine . The mobile phones increasingly diverse , multi-functional , with services such as recording , photography , networking , ringtones and wallpapers add variety , chat and send text messages, listen to music and watch movies ... We are becoming " one " indispensable people wealthy , the poor more easily and " bought " a "theme " of " second-hand " . When there is a " mobile " then the other side needs arise , such as finding your four , life test , see price shopping , stock market , loaded the game type , betting even or gambling and other entertainment services ... Many people feel proud and confident , able to express their own personality and ... " more seriously " because of the " cell " . They can be contacted quickly and more convenient , take life easier, but on the other, they like being dependent on it , and can be disturbed at any given time. The new demands on the constant rise , it is likely to make many people never satisfied with what we have , but always wanted to upgrade constantly .

Queue as soon as the mobile phone of the internet to attract . All sorts of websites have sprung up , with interfaces designed with animation in a variety of attractive colors , eye-catching . Advertising services and promotions offered online constantly , and they can buy anything online , including rare antiques , the kind of " poison " comes from places well hours , until the item " hi - tech " ( high-tech ) just baked . Many websites have interactive capabilities , allowing users to contribute their opinions on the open forum . They ca...

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...seful articles , films and various websites instead of passively watching them and arbitrary .
The world today is entering a new era of communication, including oral cultures such as shrinking, receded into the past, and Internet and other digital information is open to the future. The online media modernization continues to attract more and more users with features that provide quick information, comprehensive and direct. This suggests that the ability to participate in communication activities within the reach of every person if we really have a passion and concern. There are many positive effects and other negative requires thorough research and a deeper, to be able to plan cooperation between the many components in the Church, in order to utilize and develop the great potential reduce labor and prevent the serious harm that the media can bring to people's lives.

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