Does Motivational Leadership Need Theories Have An Effect On Employee Performance?

Does Motivational Leadership Need Theories Have An Effect On Employee Performance?

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Problem Statement
Does motivational leadership need theories have an effect on employee performance?
Employee motivation is a significant element on employee performance to the success of public, private, and government establishments. Lack of motivation in the daily operations of any organization will hinder their goals. Followers are motivated for different reason to perform within an occupation satisfy his or her desire of monetary and non-monetary necessities.
Purpose Statement
The intent of this mini proposal, is to provide a quantitative survey study for a research project, which will test the theory of motivational leadership specifically need theories and compare the effect on monetary factors and non-monetary factors (independent variables) to employee performance (dependent variable) from retail employees (participants) at five Costco retail warehouses in the United States (Creswell, 2014). A directional hypothesis, for this mini proposal shall consist of two elaborations;
• Motivation does not effect employee performance in Costco retail warehouse business
• Motivation affects employee performance in Costco retail warehouse business.
Review of the Literature
There are numerous aspects to how motivational and leadership theories are used in private, public, and government organizations. Countless books, academic journals detail this phenomenon. A simple query on “motivation and employee performance” through The University of Oklahoma’s (2014) online database provides over 3,000 peer-reviewed academic journals and over 4,000 full online text publications. Pinder (2008) asserts “some writers view motivation from a strictly physiological perspective, while others view human beings as primary hedonistic, and ex...

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...o the researcher as descriptive statistics or as graphed information” which then used for analyses (p. 160). Through the written proposal employees who agreed with permission could participate in an online survey for the data collection. After completion of collecting the data from the sample population recommend reviewing the correlations between motivation and performance to either approve or disapprove, and reviewing a beta value would determine if the theory were motivation has an effect on employee performance in Costco retail warehouses (Creswell, 2014).
This example of a survey of Costco retail warehouses could have the ability to suggest that motivational leadership needs have an effect on employee performance. Following the different motivational theories would help leadership examine his or her correlation between motivation and performance.

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