Does Motivation Affect The Outcome Of A Sporting Performance?

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Research QUESTION Does motivation affect the outcome of a sporting performance? i.e. A prize will be awarded to the participant who hits the most free throw shots out of 10 throws. Will this motivation enhance performances and produce better results for participants over zero motivation? HYPOTHESIS I feel that the results will be inconclusive, as subjects may well be self-motivated and eager to do their best, leaving know effect on performance unless subjects are only motivated to do well with reward. However a possible factor that could lead to differing results between tests could relate to chocking. REVIEW OF LITERATURE Harackiewicz, Judith M’s article discusses how rewards can affect performances with intrinsic motivation. The review explores a process of testing in which 93 students took part in challenges involving skill and accurate mental discipline. Students were offered performance or task-contingent rewards or no reward for doing hidden-figures puzzles. Students offered the performance-contingent rewards all received positive feedback, as did half the students in task-contingent and no reward conditions. Harackiewicz, Judith. M found through the research that “Performance-contingent rewards were found to undermine intrinsic motivation more than the task-contingent ones, which produced decrements relative to control conditions of no reward.”(1) It was also discovered that positive feedback enhanced intrinsic feedback; “this effect was independent of reward effects.”(1) The testing indicated that students found it difficult to remember fewer performance-irrelevant details about the task when involved with receiving performance-contingent rewards. This indicated that rewards may have affected the process of task i... ... middle of paper ... ...e conducted and all the subjects received positive feedback regarding their performance. It is stated that “multiple regression analyses indicated that importance affected by the experimental variables, had a positive casual impact on subsequent intrinsic motivation.”(5) It was discovered that students with the promise of a performance-contingent reward positively affected importance for both low achieves and high achievers much like my experiment, the interest was enhanced but did not necessarily enhance performance. “The mediation of subsequent intrinsic interest by importance differed according to reward by achievement combinations.”(5) They concluded with this statement involving “Additionally, a direct effect revealed that performance-contingent rewards significantly enhanced interest, relative to no-reward controls receiving identical performance feedback.”(5)
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