Essay on Does Humanity Need Religion?

Essay on Does Humanity Need Religion?

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In it's infancy, humanity relied on religion and it played a crucial role in the shaping of society. The organizing of people in front of one leader helped guide the unruly masses to collaborate and coexist. However, humanity no longer needs its hand held to get through the dark times. At some point we must take responsibility for our actions, both at a personal level and as a society. Religion has become the justification for countless murders, decades of war, and a plethora of other despicable deeds. In the United States of America, it's used as a way to generate untold amounts of unregulated money, spread ignorance, and encourage intolerance. Although it has helped to shape civilization as we know it today, religion is having a negative effect on society in the modern world and should discouraged by people everywhere.
One image can be found throughout history regardless of location, the sun. It can be seen by every human being on the planet at least once per day. It is understandable that ancient humans revered the sun as every day it would bring salvation from the elements of darkness. Over time the different cultures around the world personified the sun, giving it all the qualities of God. The ancient Egyptians anthropomorphized the sun as Horus. Horus was born on December 25th of a virgin named Mary and his birth was marked by an eastern star and three kings. He was a teacher by the age of twelve, had a ministry of his own at the age of thirty, and traveled around with twelve disciples. Horus also performed miracles, was crucified, and even resurrected after three days. All of this, was set three thousand years before the birth Christ. Horus is not unique, in fact, throughout history the same series of myth...

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...gain global unity or world peace with any institution that would spread ignorance, promote violence, and justifies intolerance. While not every church can be roped into the corrupt category, the form of control they have over a free thinking mind is still detrimental for all of us. We must not try to force people into doing away with religion. The repercussions of trying to make church illegal or criminalizing it would ultimately do more harm than good. Instead we should be encouraging people to think for themselves and hope that after a few generations religious factions will die on their own. It is only then, when the last corrupt religious institution has faded, that humanity can move forward and grasp a civil global society. Although religion helped to get us where we are to day, it is only through reason and understand will humanity reach its adolescence.

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