Essay on Does Home-schooling hurt or help our Education System?

Essay on Does Home-schooling hurt or help our Education System?

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When we think of homeschooling, we tend to think of students parents as the educators. In some cases that is a fact, but some homeschooled students are taught by fully credentialed teachers. In the cases of students who are being taught by parents that don’t have the credentials of a teacher, it is those students whose education I question. Can homeschooled students who are being taught by non-credentialed teachers truly get the same education that their peers are receiving in our public and private school systems? I don’t believe that it is possible for students to receive a quality education from a person who doesn’t have the credentials to teach. There are people who believe that homeschooled students don’t need to be taught by a fully credentialed teacher to receive a quality education. There are homeschooled students who are being taught by fully credentialed teachers, teachers who work in a school as a teacher during the day and teach homeschooled students in the afternoon or evenings. HOMESCHOOLED STUDENTS WHO ARE BEING TAUGHT BY FULLY CREDENTIALED TEACHERS ARE MORE LIKELY TO RECEIVE A QUALITY EDUCATION.
There are extreme cases where homeschooling is the only way for a student to receive his or her education. They may have disabilities or illnesses which do not afford them the opportunity to attend a public school. Schools can sometimes foster these students education by allowing these students to attended school via the internet. The state of California requires by law that parents send their children to a full-time public, or private school, or have them taught by a fully credentialed teacher at home. Even with laws requiring parents to send their children to school full-time, there are parents who have fou...

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...on the laws of homeschooling takes the necessary steps in order to assure their child is being properly homeschooled. Those parents are helping the education system by assuring their child is getting a quality education. It should be our goal as parents and educators to protect our education system. We should be ready to fight all people who seek to do harm to our education system. Everyone should be held accountable when comes to providing a quality education to our youth. Homeschooling helps under the right circumstances.

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