Does God Actually Exist? Descartes and his Fifth Meditation Essay

Does God Actually Exist? Descartes and his Fifth Meditation Essay

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Does God actually exist? Who is God? These are questions that intrigue each and every human and strikes at the very heart of human existence. The question of God to have ever been in or being in existence has beleaguered humankind from the time they began to think logically. A majority of philosophers claim that there may be God or numerous God’s whereas some say there may be nothing at all. Humans have only been around for so long that there are only a few fragments of history left to study whether or not God really exists. There is a lack of knowledge or limited knowledge regarding this issue due to which no one can prove or be sure of God being in existence.
The very perception of an absolute perfect being means God has to be in existence, this is the usual ontological, or a priori, argument. St. Anselm was the first person to articulate this argument in the 10th century and argued that because of the idea that people have of an absolute perfect being, which he defined as "that than which nothing greater can be conceived" , it ought to exist. Pros logion, one of St. Anselm’s essays he interpreted God as an actuality who retains all possible perfection. But if this existence "existed" simply as an idea in our cognizance, then it wouldn’t be as perfect as, if it actually existed, something that would thus oppose our classification of God, a being who is thought to be absolutely perfect. Therefore, God must exist. Gaunilo of Marmoutiers tore apart Anselm's idea by requesting people to perceive an island "more excellent" than any other island, enlightening the faults in this kind of argumentation. This type of a priori argument i.e. pure deduction is wholly imperfect, often superfluous, and completely fails to take empirical proof ...

... middle of paper ... or not. First Definition: God as maker of the entire universe in which we live. Second: Empirical science detects that which is within this universe. We have some kind of a hint about the things that might be beyond it (other cosmoses in cosmology) but we have no straight explanations of such effects. Now: If God is the creator of this universe, it suggests that God had to be reality or in existence before this universe. Overall Relativeness tells us that time and space are related or the same exact thing. As experimental science detects this universe, it does not have indication of whatsoever prevailing or not prevailing external to this universe. Worth stating is that this is a "deistic" argument in the sagacity that it would incline to cast hesitation on the notion of an ethically flawless, individual, domineering (overruling in history of mankind, etc.) god.

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