Essay on Does Gender Role Really Changed?

Essay on Does Gender Role Really Changed?

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In cultural anthropology class we have learned many aspect about many cultures and how they changed throughout the years until now. Back then many women didn’t have that equal right as men. It even became a situation where race came into the picture and many cultures were treated unfairly compared to whites all because of their nationality. During the years of 1940s through 1960s, many things have changed far as gender role, kinship, religion, language, etc. The list honestly goes on. Although some things have changed foe the better of others, I still feel there isn’t exactly an equal life within the world. Actually, I know there isn’t any equal rights within the United States of America. As we are in 2015 going to 2016, we still deal with racism, stereotype and more. So I guess I am asking did gender role really changed?
June 1997- In 1920, women won the rights to vote. Economic and social change has been a long time coming for them and also has been an uneven situation. During 1960s through 1970s there was a civil right movement for equal race but also a women’s movement. They wanted the equal rights as American women. Not everyone liked the results of the changing. American women been living different lives in 1990 than they did in the 1950s and earlier. 1960 was more about politics and legal developments of women’s issues. “The Changing Role of Women In the United States” (U.S Society and Values June 1997) which can be found As women won the right to vote in 1920, it started something new for them. They have been fighting for that right seventy years earlier from 1960. June 1997- This made many politician nervous. A coalition of women’s organization representing ten million mem...

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...ruggles so much trying to make everything realistic for us and to show that we have a voice and that we are more than a “house-wife”. I feel like still as it is 2015, we as women still struggle to prove that we’re more than what others consider or betrayed us to be. You could simply watch television and see that almost every commercial with a female is very sexist. An example is the plumbing commercial when the women opens the door and see an attractive plumbing saying he is there to fix the pipes and she says she only has ten minutes and he reply with I only need seven. That commercial had no need to be sexual explain how quick it is to fix a clog toilet. I honestly can go on with these unnecessary sexual commercials, but I’ll be going on forever. All I am saying is that we still have to prove a point to society on how strong we are and fight to be treated equally.

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