Does Gender Pay Gap Exist? Essay

Does Gender Pay Gap Exist? Essay

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Does the Gender Pay Gap Actually Exi

Does the Gender Pay Gap Exist?

Lecture Outline:

The notion of a gender pay gap has existed for decades, this is because countless studies seek to justify why average women earn less than men. This unit exposes underlining factors which determine whether the gender pay gap exists in the contemporary Western hemisphere. The scholarly field that correlates to this unit is economics and gender studies.

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 This song illustrates the gender roles that have been encoded by society for the last few centuries. It validates that girls liking anything traditionally associated with men, and vice versa, should be seen as normal. These old habits of categorising genders to one specific set of interests are irrational, and limits society’s growth both consciously and economically.

Main Points:

 The Gender Pay Gap is an economic myth, a fallacy still believed because it is slightly true. It is correct women earn .75 cents to every dollar men earn, but it is not due to labour market discrimination against women, but because of a number of underlining conditions. Economists refer to the subject of Human Capital, which includes people’s education, job skills, and job experience. Individuals are paid based on their human capital since women frequently enter fields such as psychology, and humanities they are paid less. While on the other hand, men tend to enter fields like engineering, with higher wages.

 Furthermore, marital status and childbearing greatly impact income. A vast majority of women take time off work to have children, thus, they...

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The argument Thomas Sowell proposes is that the difference in pay between female and males is not based on labour market discrimination against women. However, because of the choices women make in regards to education, marriage and occupations they nonetheless earn lower incomes. "How much of those remaining differences can be attributed to employer discrimination, rather than to different career choices or differences in choices as to whether to work full-time, is another empirical question, one involving economics as well as history”(Sowell, 2008). He refers to historical events such as World War I, World War II, and empirical data to strengthen his argument. This reading is appropriate for the unit because it justifies reasons behind income differences while debunking the perception of labour market discrimination.

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