Does Fiction Reveal Truth? Good Form by Tim O'brien Essay

Does Fiction Reveal Truth? Good Form by Tim O'brien Essay

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Does Fiction Reveal Truth?
“Artists use lies to tell the truth” (V for Vendetta). This passage can be related to all storytelling, whether it is in movies, poems or novels- authors and creators of such a story use certain lies to tell the truth. No matter how great the truth my sound to one person, that same story could be irrelevant to others, making it not enjoyable to watch or read. When a reader picks up a book, does the story give a vague description of what occurred? Or does the author give minute details on every page? We read books and marvel over movies to get away from reality; why? Because reality expresses the truth bluntly and with no sense of detail, while fiction turns reality and the truth into poetry.
For Tim O’Brien, the affects and guilt he faced stretched far beyond his time in the Vietnam War. Truth is connected to guilt in many ways. For instance, in “Good Form” O’Brien plays with the readers’ mind and their understanding of truth. He claims that he did not kill the man he saw die on the trail outside of My Khe, he simply saw it occur. “Daddy, tell...

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