Does Feminism And Masculinity Define Who People Are Today? Essays

Does Feminism And Masculinity Define Who People Are Today? Essays

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Does Feminism and masculinity define who people are today? Do we push each generation with gender specific roles that define who we are? We all grow up with different definitions of these words. Also we grow up in different cultures that can affect our definitions. We all think different when thinking about feminism and masculinity but in reality all our definitions are the same.People will argue that it is all different and that others do not get it. Honestly it is not the definitions of these words. Its the meaning behind them. Instead of thinking what the definition is, think about how women and men have evolved over the years. Think how women have become more vulnerable to men. Today women and girls are against feminism but do they really understand the meaning behind the word.
My grandmother’s definition of feminism-women should have the same equal political, economic, cultural and social rights as men.Masculinity – attributes behaviors, and roles generally associated with boys and men. Maria my grandmother still believes that those definitions have changed over the years.The world had developed in different ways that the meaning behind those words are lost.We get lost in media or what people pursue us to believe what we are suppose to do in our society. Women should not be “put in the kitchen where the belong.” we should be able to venture off. At the same time we do need to respect the opposite sex if they deserve it .Women are . I rather be put in the kitchen then to do be in today’s advertisements were men can be dominant over me; this is not okay.Other people ( mostly the older generations) still believe that women are fragile and men are the breadwinners. That okay, someone men do have the job status that the women ca...

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... coming to parenting or work. Women might be better at parenting but men can also be just as good, this can also be applied in the work place.
Sadly as much as people say what their definition is, we will always have a problem with it. Women will always be fierier to men. Men will always have that advantage in the workforce and be respected by many. Women? Well we are always going to be stereotyped as what my grandmother describes. Men always have the dominant figure as for us women, we will always be dainty little things to those superior men in the world.Maybe years from now women might have the same equality and there won 't be a big gap from feminism and masculinity. We might take a stand for what is right for us.Things can change, the gap can slowly thin till there is not one. Unfortunately For right now women will always be coming up short from being equal.

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