Does Ethyl Mercury As A Syndrome? Essay

Does Ethyl Mercury As A Syndrome? Essay

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As of recent researches we found many information regarding vaccination cases autism. “Autism is defined behaviorally, as a syndrome of abnormalities involving language, social reciprocity and hyper focus or reduced behavioral flexibility. It is clearly heterogeneous, and it can be accompanied by unusual talents as well as by impairments, but its underlying biological and genetic basis in unknown” (Goes). By the number of autism has greatly increase by a great margin, but many been shut off by media and government. Most people don’t know how vaccines cause them and how government hide them from them in the first place. Walia said, major vaccine manufacture owns most of corporate media, it’s natural for them to protect their product.
As of recent researches, the number autism had increase by more than double (Scott). People argued that they were born that ways, but in fact, it is not. Thomas Burbacher, PhD in University of Washington said: “This study demonstrates clearly and unequivocally that ethyl mercury, the kind of mercury found in vaccines, not only ends up in the brain, but leaves double the amount of inorganic mercury as methyl mercury, the kind of mercury found in fish. This work is groundbreaking because little is known about ethyl mercury, and many health authorities have asserted that the mercury found in vaccines is the “safe kind.” This study also delivers a strong rebuke of the Institute of Medicine’s recommendation in 2004 to no longer pursue the mercury-autism connection (Goes).”
If it exist why does the government just do nothing about it? The shock full truth is they did something about, but in a negative way. It’s not because government idle and let it pass, it still active because they protected it. “That’...

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...duce or no mercury in their vaccination. But it will not affect a whole country if no one do anything about it. “Knowing the truth is better than being placated with fabrications made by crooked officials. Those fabrications need to stop. So many people have been hurt in the name of science, science we’ve recently learned has been based on fraud. Too many too soon and too little too late. That sounds terrible, but it seems to be a more accurate theme for today’s vaccine program. Our children deserve better. We all do.”(Jameson). Many people are victims of vaccination, and many more will be the victim. Rep. Dan Burton (Member of the U.S. House of Representatives): “We have gone from one in 10,000 children with autism to one in 88. It is worse than an epidemic, it is an absolute disaster.” At this rate, the number will just increasing and the people will suffer.

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