Does Down Syndrome Increase the Chances of Developing Leukemia? Essay

Does Down Syndrome Increase the Chances of Developing Leukemia? Essay

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Down syndrome is a genetic disease that occurs in people that have 47 chromosomes instead of 46. Does the Down syndrome increase the chances of developing leukemia? What health risks are involved in trying to keep children from getting leukemia? I have personally seen the effects of Down syndrome. There have been clinical trials that have shown the results of leukemia on kids with Down syndrome. The life expectancy has gone up dramatically because of medicine. Down syndrome has affected the lives of many and psychologists are still looking for answers to solve the disease.
Children with Down syndrome or what they call trisomy 21 have a markedly increased risk of leukemia in childhood but as later on in adulthood its has less of a chance of happening. Children that acquire Down syndrome have a genetic mutation in the gene called GATA1. Trisomy 21 is the most observed abnormality seen at birth and occurs in about 1 to 700 individuals. Children that are born with Down syndrome have an increased risk of acute megakaryoblastic leukemia (AML) and also acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). In studies it shows that approximately 4-5% of children that are born with Down syndrome are also born with transient myeloprolifative disorder (TMD), a clonal preleukemia characterized by an accumulation of immature megakaryoblasts in the fetal liver and peripheral blood (Mailnge 2012).
Acute Myeloid Leukemia develops when acquired changes in DNA of a developing marrow cell that which can turn into a leukemia cell that turns into a billion more cancerous cells. When AML is first found children will notice that their normal healthy blood cell has diminished quite drastically. One of the risk factors that can cause AML is outside exposure to the chemi...

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... Ge.
I have had personal experiences with the Down syndrome disease since my girlfriend’s brother has it. His name is Nick and at age 30 lives with Down syndrome. I see just how much of affects his daily life. Things I notice is he stutters when he tries to pronounce certain words, knows all the lines to the 3 stooges movies, remembers things that most people have no recollection of. He is very organized as everything has to be in the exact place it was before it was moved. It just amazing how many little quirks he has been most regular people have that too.
Hopefully one day this disease eventually gets cured. This is a disease that has one extra chromosome then you are supposing to. It’s a genetic disease that many doctors and psychologists are trying to find the answer too. But for now, those people with Down syndrome and leukemia will live a challenging life.

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