Does Davao Pasalubong Center Provide Satisfaction of Customers? Essay

Does Davao Pasalubong Center Provide Satisfaction of Customers? Essay

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Davao Pasalubong Center is a one-stop shop of all Davao City made locally

such as handicrafts, processed food, fashion accessories, souvenir and gift items,

home decors, indigenous costumes and native accessories, etc. One of the primary

goals of business establishments is to create and maintain the satisfaction of

customers. Nowadays, it is very critical for businesses to focus in giving customer

satisfaction because this is the key for a sustainable competitive advantage.

In the United States, they found out that sometimes simple things can make a

difference. Simple act of vendors smiling, the quality product that you sell, cozy

ambiance and the affordable price can boost customer’s satisfaction (Hetter, 2013).

In the Philippines, a feeling of satisfaction arises every time an individual

is contented. When customers get a happy experience with the product provider,

treated nicely and gets what he expects in return they are satisfied already (Rivera,

In Davao City, customers need not only the product that they want but they

also need extra things. Extra things can delight customers like receiving full attention

and treatment from the product provider, aside from the affordable price and quality

product provided by the provider (Goc-ong, 2012).

This investigation can be of great help in determining whether Personal

interaction with product provider and outcome experienced by user is associated

with customer satisfaction. This study may best serve for vendors of Philippine

Tropical Products, company owner, and future researchers.

This study aims to determine the significant difference in Customer

Satisfaction on Philippine Tropical Chips at Davao Pasalubong Center....

... middle of paper ...


situation – a product that has not yet been developed cannot be observed. One

way to deal with this challenge is to start by identifying a “job” the customers of your

Likewise, Dockerill (2013) emphasized that the outcomes have been truly

transformative, not only building and sustaining larger volumes of business but

attracting positive feedback from the market and picking up significant industry

awards, including one for customer service and one for the innovative use of

technology to deliver that service, without placing undue pressure on existing

resources. As a society, we have always taken pride in offering a very personalized

service and we value our reputation very highly, so as soon as we started to

experience this increase in our business and noticed that our service to customers

and Intermediaries had started to suffer, we took action.

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