Essay Does Crossed Hand-Eye Dominance Affect Basketball Shooting?

Essay Does Crossed Hand-Eye Dominance Affect Basketball Shooting?

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Hand eye coordination is used every day in just about everything. Athletes need good hand eye coordination if you just want to be a decent player. When shooting a basketball you need to be able to know how to shoot a basketball and you need to be sure you know your dominate hand and dominate eye to see the best results.
The way people shoot a free throw has been done pretty much the same way for years. People walk up to the line and right handers put their right foot in the middle of the line, while lined up with the hoop. Where left handed shooters put their left foot on the line, while being lined up to the middle of the hoop. The shooter then focuses on the rim and backboard, then takes a deep breath and slowly goes through the shooting process while keeping complete focus, and good form
The motions of shooting a basketball:
• Bend knees slightly.
• Place ball on dominate shooting hand fingertips.
• Put opposite hand on side of ball for balance (but don’t use it to push the ball or the shot will be messed up).
• Aim for the back of rim.
• In one swift motion, extend and bend legs and shoot with your fingertips.
• And finally follow through your shot.

What happens when you close an eye and attempt to shoot a free throw? Will you be better, or worse? Now what happens when you open the eye you close and close the other eye? Will you make more shots than the first time? This is the thing we will find out about.
First, your eyes control depth perception, balance, reaction, and the better your eyes are the better awareness you will have. Closing one eye will decrease these abilities drastically. Will it affect your free throw? And does it matter if your dominate eye is open compared to your other eye being open? Your eyes affect ev...

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...t many people think all that many things go into shooting free throws, but without any of these key ways to shoot free throws, you will probably be inaccurate or will miss the shot.

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