Does Class Size Matter? Essay examples

Does Class Size Matter? Essay examples

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Does Class Size Matter?
Class size makes a huge impact on how the student learns. Along with many other things, there is more to the amount of kids in class than most people think. The quality one on one time is affected. Along with that, important questions that the students needs clarity on from the teacher might not be able to be answered because so many other students are in the room asking their own question. Students learn in their own ways. Teachers have to be flexible to how their students learn and in order to do that they need to know their students on a personal level. When class sizes are large, it effects students in negative ways in their learning.
It is hard to know each and every one of your students on a personal level with 30 students in a class for 60 minutes to 90. When student feel frustrated (trust me I know this first hand) they more often than not give up. That is an affect of large class sizes. Students tell themselves that there is no point in trying to figure things out and ask because the teacher doesn’t have enough time for me. Yes we as students have all heard the speech from our teachers saying “I’m here before and after school, come in and get help if you need it!”. Well, let’s look at that statement closer. The 20-30 minutes you might get with a teacher before school consists of him or her preparing for their day, running around making copies, talking to other teachers that come into the room or vice versa, and lets not forget meetings before school! Then after school. If your teacher is a coach of a team, they can’t help after school. If their kids are getting dropped off after school in their room, they come in and then the teacher attention is focused on their kids and getting out of there a...

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...uch as we wish they did. Thirdly, unless sitting in the front center of the room, how well are people going to be able to focus? When sitting in the back, it is extremely easy to drift off. Oh crap, I didn’t hear anything the teacher just said because they didn’t yell at me to pay attention like my high school teachers used to. Now, I am not a college student who has lived through these experiences, but from common knowledge and friend’s stories, this is a general idea of what happens in large classes in the college scene and my peers agreed with me in a class discussion we had addressing these issues. And again this has to do with motivation of the student and how responsible they are. Most freshmen attending these large classes, don’t have it figured out yet and this is why we are seeing drop out rates rise and more and more entries into simple community colleges.

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