Does Child Development Matter If It Occurs At A Home Or A Daycare Center?

Does Child Development Matter If It Occurs At A Home Or A Daycare Center?

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Does child development matter if it occurs at a home or at a daycare center? To determine which situation is the best, you have to consider both advantages and disadvantages of both homecare and daycare. Some families believe their child develops better socially in a daycare environment, while other families believe stay-at-home parents is necessary for proper nurturing of children. In 1997, National Survey of America 's Families (NSAF) show that 77% of children under five were in the care of non-parental care providers at least part-time (Capizzano, Adams & Sonenstein, 2000).The percentage of working parents has severely increased in recent years; thus, parents need alternative ways of nurturing their children. Parents in all working families struggle to balance work and child care while pursuing their hopes and ideals for themselves and their children. Working parents depend on daycare as the fundamental care center for their children when they are away at work.
Some view daycare as an essential part of children 's socialization and that it may promote healthy social and cognitive development. Daycare creates a safe environment for kids to interact and to mature from one another. For example, studies have shown that daycare experience could reduce the risk of behavioral problems and improve cognitive development (Geoffroy, Marie-Claude; Côté, Parent, & Séguin, 2006). Children develop more properly when they are in an environment where they can socialize with kids around their own age. Contrary, in homecare, the only form of socialization the children experiences is with their parents and siblings. While in daycare facilities, children are exposed to different social groups. Children who shift from home care to daycare are more...

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... 1982, one of every three women (33.7%) with an infant less than 12 months of age were working (Klein, 1985). Nonetheless, these mothers spend less and less time with their infants. Nonmaternal care of children in the first few years of their life can lead to infant-mother detachment and subsequent social development (Belsky, 2004). Research indicates that, infants who spend 20 hours per week of nonmaternal care, experience avoidance of mother following separation, heightened insecurity, and subsequent aggression and noncompliance (Belsky, 2004). Such developmental issues are very common in extensive nonmaternal care experience. A child who spends hours away from homecare can pick up deviant behavior and if they don’t address such issues or seek help, then it is not a stretch to think that the child may grow into an adult with behavioral or relationship problems.

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