Does Canada Have A Unique Political Culture? Essay

Does Canada Have A Unique Political Culture? Essay

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Does Canada have a unique political culture?

The Canadian political culture is multifaceted, and the debate as to its uniqueness can take different approaches depending on the aspect of analysis. Canada, as one the biggest countries in North America, has one of the strongest political orientation in the region. Most of what she does is influenced by other countries within the region and abroad. To some extent, the political culture of Canada has some similarities to those of countries in North America and Europe. Some similarities can also be drawn to the Australian political culture, and few elements borrowed from the United States’ culture. In this perspective therefore, the Canadian political culture is not unique entirely. However, Canada has also learnt to develop her own culture, one that does not resonate with that of many countries of her stature (Wiseman, 2007, p.16). For example, Canada has embraced a collective way of approaching political issues, which is quite different from U.S and greater Europe’s individualistic cultures. In this sense, Canada’s political culture is unique. This paper seeks to examine if at all Canada has a unique political culture. Indeed, the paper agrees that Canada has a unique political culture but only within certain variables. Herein, the paper also highlights some of the similarities that Canada shares with other strong political powers in the region and abroad, proving that her political culture may not be so unique after all. In essence, a significant scope of Canada’s political culture is either borrowed from or shared within the international political space.

Thematic Analysis
Launching an argument about the uniqueness of the political culture in Canada requires a deep u...

... middle of paper ... economy. Canada has also embraced other social attributes such as homosexuality, which at first brought serious concerns amongst Canadians, but later embraced. Canada has also been vocal in fighting for the rights of women, both at the country level and international levels. In fact, Canada runs a good number of organizations that foster for women and children rights, and those organizations, boosted by the political goodwill of both the people and government, have made significant changes in redefining the Canadian political culture. Today, Canada stands at the top in advocating for women’s rights in countries that that have not adopted the practice. In the recent past, many egalitarian bodies and interest groups have come to being in Canada, and have equally championed for the existence of equality in the application of the law and the distribution of resources.

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