Does Birth Order Affect Education? Essay

Does Birth Order Affect Education? Essay

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The question that I set out to research was, “How does birth order affect education?” I had learned of birth order in middle school, but never had the opportunity to apply what I had learned to an actual family, or even researched data. I had expected to find that the information that I would receive from researching would be regular and concise. I had expected that because, the way I was taught about birth order implied that it was old discovery that was proven to be true. So, I hypothesized that if birth order was correct, then there would be an influx of first born children with the best grades in a given family.
Birth order is simply the order in which you’re born. However, early psychologists determined that birth order affects certain personality traits. Birth order is important to understand because, if it truly does affect personality, then it can be used to understand certain disabilities that are generally associated with the stereotypes of birth order. Alternatively, it is also important to understand if birth order has no effect on personality, so that psychology can limit the number of variables that affect developing children.
A 1995 study by Travis, R., & Kohli, V., studied 817 American men and women (1995, p.499). They were researching the effects of birth order on educational achievement, ordinal position, and social strata. They were assuming that these were related based on the works of other researchers (1995, p.505). The researchers used a survey that tried to include different ethnicities and classes into the study group. The researchers found that only middle class social groups had a significant relationship between birth order and educational achievement. However, they mentioned that they may not have su...

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...ed. However, information from Cheng, C. J., Wang, W., Sung, Y., Wang, Y., Su, S., & Li, C., illustrated higher academic achievement in the children with the highest educated parents.
In conclusion, all of the research showed that birth order had an effect on academics. However, in the Cheng, C. J., Wang, W., Sung, Y., Wang, Y., Su, S., & Li, C., study, all socio-economic levels were represented, and by standardized test. It’s no surprise that the highest educated parents had children with the best scores. What was surprising is that at all economic levels, upper class, lower class, and middle class, there was a noticeable result. Now the next step would be to separate birth order into natural, and learned behaviors to see if birth order is internal or external in influence. Either way, the research strongly suggests that birth order affects academic achievement.

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