Does Birth Order Affect Children’s Personality and Personal Achievements?

Does Birth Order Affect Children’s Personality and Personal Achievements?

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Ms. Clark is a fourth grade teacher who has been teaching for over ten years. She has been interested in all of the different students she teaches every year. Ms. Clark has been noticing each student is different due to the number of siblings each child has. The variety of students Clark has range from the only child to five siblings. Every student is in a different order of birth as well; oldest child, middle child and youngest child. She has noticed that most of the children without siblings need more attention than the children with siblings. Also the children with more siblings find it easier to get along and make more friends than the only children. While Ms. Clark has been making these observations, there have been a variety of psychologists researching more in depth on the affects on each child’s personality and personal achievements thanks to birth order.
Every child has their own personality which changes as the child grows. There are a variety of things that can change a child’s personality and one is birth order in a family. Whether the child in a family is an only child, the middle child or the youngest child in the family, each child’s personality and achievements are affected by this order. (Desoete 139) An only child’s personality can be different from other children from larger families due to the child being alone with no other children their age around them. Only children typically hang out with adults a lot and grow up faster than children with siblings. The first born child typically grows up fast as well once more siblings are born. The oldest sibling tends to take care of the younger child as a helping hand to help the parents out. According to Annemie Desoete, a professional in psychology, “Firstborns do n...

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...oming a stronger and better person. While only children will grow up learning from their parents and maybe learning everything in a harder way than other children. No matter where, when, or how a child grows up there is always going to be a variety of different events within a child’s life that will affect a child’s personality and personal achievements.

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