Essay about Does Artificial Human Cloning Challenge Ethical Boundaries?

Essay about Does Artificial Human Cloning Challenge Ethical Boundaries?

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Does Artificial Human Cloning Challenge Ethical Boundaries?
Are you one of the millions of humans that take their individuality for granted? If so, adding a replica of a loved one no big deal. Or is it? Human cloning, will it be the wave of the future which will create a human being that will genetically superior or simple replace a loved one that died? What would a parent pay to replace a lost child $1000.00, $10,000.00, or as much as one million dollars, and if so would this be justifiable, moral, or even ethical? Cloning another human being through artificial means draws speculation, fear, and debate. These concerns would suggest that it borders unethical boundaries, is currently not safe enough for human reproduction. The causes, effects, and results of making a human copy should be considered to be immoral, if not illegal worldwide. Before the price is negotiated for this procedure, fully understanding the theory of the cloning background, its development through the years, and some of the risks are vital information that is needed prior to passing judgment or whether it should be considered unethical.
The History of Cloning
Although the possibilities of cloning humans has been the subject of speculation for several years, scientists and policy makers starting taking it seriously in the 1960s after American molecular biologist Joshua Lederberg won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1958. He discovered that bacteria can mate and exchange genes successfully. In 1968 a major boost in the development and understanding of human genes came into play when Rosalind Franklin, Maurice Wilkins, and Francis Crick successfully deciphered deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) code.
This eventually led to further in-depth research, unlimited developme...

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American Medical Association. Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs.,. "AMA CEJA Reports." AMA CEJA Reports. Web. .

This article written by the American Medical Association involving the Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs suggests that cloning a human would not be an exact duplicate of the person cloned, so a parent that chooses to duplicate a super athlete is not guaranteed to also be a superb athlete because of their life choices could not be replicated. Furthermore, what if a super athlete did not want to be cloned but was forced too, this is likely to violate their legal rights. Something also mentioned in this article is the uses of human cloning and the reproductive technology though the use of a woman’s infertile oocyte.

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