Essay about Does Abstinence Programs Really Work?

Essay about Does Abstinence Programs Really Work?

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does abstinence programs really work?

In recent surveys that abstinence programs doesn 't work in high school and more teens are getting pregnant and having STDS. Especially in the USA we have the highest teenage pregnancy rate in the America than any 1st world country.Because they 're not teaching this much in the USA and most of the teenagers are learning this the hard way. So the truth about abstinence programs. Abstinence programs can help prevent STDS and teen pregnancy by showing them the right way to have sex but teens don 't understand the consequences.But some parents don 't approve about having abstinence programs like saying it 's not appropriate for school or students and it is awkward when telling kids about sex, but it will help them in the future and be safe and tech it to the future generation.Another false claim is about virginity pledges that it doesn 't work,because of peer pressure and certain urges and boredom. Well that is sorta true you know how teenagers are and that 's another reason why practice safe sex.
Even in colleges they don 't practice safe sex, but they have areas where prevention is at both teenagers are afraid to get some because they might be judged by other peers. The other reason is the cost of making the class and passing through the school and the state and finding a certified teacher that take classes for that specified subject. Students need this type of education that is understood,and accurate and not embarrassing and confusing. For some of the students who that took the program or took pledges it will only like last like a month or so and they would end up forgetting what was the purpose of the program. Sexual education comes from the year 1998 with the welfare ref...

... middle of paper ... to shove books and knowledge down there throat that makes them want it even badder. But teaching them how to use a condom and how to use it will help them in the future to prevent having STD or other known diseases. But i don 't know why parents are scared to tell their children there are diseases and teenage pregnancies and that is a another big thing in the americans. It hurts poor households and messes up families financially and emotionally when there 's a pregnant teenager.I don 't go for abortion but you need to plan out how to take care of the baby, instead going blind raising the baby.You need to have a storng household for the baby instead coming in emontoly to a broken household,and that not even good.But the programs is not going to work from my standpoint and i think its a big waste in are tax money and resoures and thats is my final stamennt.

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