Essay on Does Abortion Affect Subsequent Pregnancy?

Essay on Does Abortion Affect Subsequent Pregnancy?

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In society, abortion remains one of the most debated, controversial, and deliberated issues. According to “Abortions in America” from U.S. News & World Report magazine, approximately 43 percent of American women will terminate their pregnancy by means of abortion in their lifetime, making abortion greater than three times more common than breast cancer and just as common as divorce (Waldman, et al 22). Everyone deserves a chance to live, especially an innocent infant without a voice. Also, abortion may cause detrimental, psychological effects on the mother of the child. Even though abortion terminates the life of an unborn fetus, abortion ends a child’s opportunity to live; therefore, abortion compares to murder. Abortion ends the life of innocent infants without a choice to live, the effects of abortion may be detrimental on the mother of the child, and scientific research links abortion to murder; therefore, abortion should not be practiced.
To begin with, an infant has the right to life. According to, The National Right to Life Committee, a nonprofit organization, stated, “If people are 'free to choose,' to harm or kill one another for any reason whatsoever, all live in fear, not freedom” (“Should”). By aborting an unborn infant, the mother takes away the freedom of the infant because the infant loses his or her freedom and right to live. Many women choose abortion because they do not feel ready for the responsibility of a child; therefore, The National Right Committee believes that the mother lives in fear, not freedom. Because all individuals deserve the right to live without any threat from one another, infants should possess the right to live without a threat of abortion. Also, the fourteenth amendment preve...

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