Essay Does A Vegan Help The Planet?

Essay Does A Vegan Help The Planet?

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Does Going Vegan Help the Planet?
When Adam and Eve were created, the both did not consume any meat; instead, they had a vegan lifestyle. The bible states that God granted Adam and Eve the privilege to eat plants and herbs (Genesis 1:29). It was when Adam and Eve partook the forbidden fruit from the tree of good and evil, sin was brought upon the world, and the consumption of meat followed. Humans were not designed to eat meat; thus, meat is not necessary for survival. One will ponder what Veganism is, well, being a vegan is like being a vegetarian, but on steroids. Veganism is more than just a diet; veganism is a lifestyle. A vegan diet is composed of plant-based foods only; they do not eat anything processed with animal products. In addition to this, vegans refrain from clothing made from animals and products that have been tested on them. Living a vegan lifestyle will benefit the planet by means of promoting a healthier lifestyle and saving the lives of animals.
Living a vegan lifestyle promotes a healthier one by eliminating meat and dairy consumption. Eliminating meat and dairy consumption lowers the risk of ischemic heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, cancer rates, blood cholesterol levels and blood pressure (Academy of Nutrition and Diabetics). According to, individuals on a vegan diet will live six to 10 years longer than individuals with meat and dairy in their diet. This is since meat and dairy products are genetically modified and loaded with harmful bacteria, chemicals, toxins and carcinogens which can remain in the body for years. Is that not a reason for a person to go vegan? Eliminating meat and dairy from one’s diet will also benefit the planet by lowering global warming and water pollution. Surprisingly, the...

... middle of paper ... are created by the same God. However, humans neglect and refuse to treat animals with respect. Human see animals as a source of food, fashion and a tester.
It is clear that humans should boycott the consumption and use of animal-based products due to the harmful risks that it is responsible for; the risk of increased exposure to numerous life threatening diseases and less prolonged life. The risk of increasing global warming and the endangerment of species in our ecosystem. Boycotting the consumption and use of animal-based products will bring many benefits to not only an individual’s life but to the planet that we inhabit as well. Boycotting animal-based products will save the lives of many animals. Animals are our brothers and sisters; after all, we share similar aspects. A heart that beats, a life to be lived and most importantly, we were all created by God.

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