Does A Drug Intervention Work For Any Kind Of Drug? Essay

Does A Drug Intervention Work For Any Kind Of Drug? Essay

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Does a drug intervention work for any kind of drug?
Yes. No matter what the substance of abuse is - prescription drugs or street drugs - a professionally-run intervention can result in your loved one making a commitment to enter treatment. Drug interventions conducted under the supervision of a trained interventionist have a 90 percent success rate. [3]

The length of an intervention may be shorter or longer depending on your loved one 's resistance to treatment or how deeply rooted the individual is in denying the existence of the problem.  A person relapsing from multiple addictions may require a different intervention approach than a person who is encountering drug addiction for the first time. The intervention procedure should be tailored to fit the specific needs of the target individual.

What about dual diagnosis?
In America, approximately 8.9 million adults suffer from a substance use disorder and a mental illness at the same time. If your loved one is battling both a drug addiction and a psychological disorder, it is extremely important that you get them into treatment now rather than later. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, of those suffering from co-occurring disorders, 55.8 percent never receive the treatment they need. [7]

Regardless of which co-occuring condition preceded, the existence of one condition can actually complicate or worsen the other. A professional interventionist who is experienced in working with dual diagnosis is a terrific asset in cases such as this. The counselor can direct the family on the best methods to reach out to the individual while taking both conditions under consideration. 

What 's more, intervention for an individual battling co-occurring dis...

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...require dual diagnosis treatment for any co-occurring disorders.

Consulting with a trained interventionist is the best way to stage an intervention that will result in treatment for your loved one. An intervention can go badly if coercion or shaming is carried out. The professional will remain impartial and make certain that the goals of the session are met, which is why interventions supervised by professionals have a 90 percent chance of ending with the individual getting the treatment he or she needs. 

Don 't wait around thinking your loved one with a drug problem may get better on his own. Contact a professional interventionist to stage a thoughtful and structured conversation that will get through to your loved one and persuade this person to get treatment for drug addiction. Like Susan 's daughter, Kelly, an intervention just might save your loved one 's life.

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