Essay on The Documentary ' Freedom Summer '

Essay on The Documentary ' Freedom Summer '

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The documentary Freedom Summer was released on January 17, 2014 by veteran documentarian Stanley Nelson. The documentary was made to serve as a reminder of the summer activists spent in 1964 in order to register African-American voters. The film showed the state of Mississippi during that time as being filled with hatred and segregation toward African Americans. The film is trying to show us the people who united together to bring freedom to African Americans. Even white people rebelled with African Americans to show that they did not support racism and that African Americans should have the right to vote just like any citizen.
Throughout the documentary historical videos and photos are incorporated of the gathering of activists and volunteers during the summer of 1964. The footage shown of people talking about the goal of their organization proves that the documentary is accurate because these are the actual people that experienced what was occurring during that time. Also interviews of many organizers and volunteers reflecting on their experience were included in the documentary. Everything included in the documentary did a great job of convincing me about everything that occurred in that summer. I felt like everything is correct because it takes the listener in the events that took place and bring the film to life. Primary sources that were mentioned vary from the footage and photos of the actual event, reporter’s audio to interviews with people who shared this experience. For example, Peggy Jean Connor who was an African American resident of Mississippi during that time, and Patti Miller who volunteered to be part of this experience. Secondary sources include interviews with historians Bruce Watson and John Dittmer.
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...he government or the owners had made simple changes to the working conditions then these people wouldn’t have lost their lives. Factory owners locked doors because they feared workers would steal clothing material and these doors could have served as an escape to the workers. This teaches us that workers should be provided with safe working conditions no matter if it costs a lot of money or time because nothing is more important than a person’s life. The working conditions today are totally different than in 1911, and we are not losing people thanks to the improved conditions after the fire took place. The documentary did an amazing job at explaining everything clearly. If I was remaking this documentary in 1900s, one thing I would change is that instead of actors acting I would search for real survivors and interview them and include the footage in the documentary.

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