The Documentary ' Extremis ' By Dan Krauss Essay

The Documentary ' Extremis ' By Dan Krauss Essay

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The documentary Extremis by Dan Krauss was very interesting to me since I am working towards a degree in healthcare. With the setting being in the intensive care unit of a hospital the patients are very near death. Two doctors are working with the patients who are mainly filmed who are Donna and Selena. Donna is on life support with a breathing tube, but is partially breathing on her own and is able to communicate. Selena is fully on life support and is not able to communicate. The doctors are struggling to make the right decisions to keep the families of the patients happy and the patient comfortable. After watching the documentary, you can really notice the forms of tragedy, synesthesia, and bildungsroman in the film taking place in the lives of the patients and the medical specialist.
The film is recorded in the intensive care unit of a hospital. The first patient, Donna, is able to communicate but it not able to completely breathe on her own. With that taking place her brother is making the most of her medical decisions. He has to choose between allowing the doctors to take her tubes out so that she is comfortable and see if she can breathe on her own or doing a tracheostomy which she will be on a breathing machine to keep her alive. The doctors have explored every option for her and are trying to do anything possible to keep her comfortable. Donna put all her trust into her brother to make the medial decision for her. They decided to take the tubes out, which made her a lot more comfortable, and watched where her health went from there. The other patient, Selena, her family is less concerned about her being comfortable and want to keep her on machines to make her stay alive. Selina’s daughter is not exactl...

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...keep them alive. They may not know that person is suffering. It is time to let them pass naturally and comfortably surrounded by their family with the best medical treatment possible that has been given to them. After watching the documentary, you can really notice the forms of tragedy, synesthesia, and bildungsroman in the film taking place in the lives of the patients and the medical specialist. I enjoyed watching the documentary because I have been in both the patients and family’s situation before. Having to put all your trust into someone for them to make the best medical treatment option for you is very upsetting, especially if they choose the wrong option. Being in the family’s situation it is stressful not knowing what that patient wants, instead you choose what you want for them. But in my opinion is what the doctors can do based on your health is the best.

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