The Doctrine Of The Church And It Is Derived From The Two Geek Words Ekklesia And Logos

The Doctrine Of The Church And It Is Derived From The Two Geek Words Ekklesia And Logos

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Ecclesiology is the doctrine of the church and it is derived from the two Geek words ekklesia and logos (Bere 233). The Bible goes over the different uses for the church and why Christians need to go to church. There are two main words in the Bible that are used to describe and explain the church and what it means. There are also two churches talked about in the Bible, the universal and local church. Whether universal or local there are different objectives each church tries to accomplish and also there and different descriptions of churches. Lastly there are only two major ordinances that churches preform. The church is created by the people of God, and they worship Him together and do all they do to His glory.
Ekklesia means “called out” or “separated” and it is also the most common word for church. Christians were specifically called out by God to be set apart from the world. They are meant to follow Jesus instead of the temporary worldly possessions. Christians are the “body of Christ” meaning that church isn’t necessarily a building, but it is the people who serve and worship God. The second word is Kuriakon which means “belonging to the Lord”. The church, meaning the people, belong to God and where made to glorify Him. Only those who have accepted salvation through Jesus are considered part of God’s church. All believers of Christ create one large universal church. Christ is the head, or leader, of this church and all Christians are the body of it, it says this in Ephesians 5:23 (NKJV). Most Christians go to a local church near or around where they live. These local churches are a place where Christians can get together and praise God. Also they can go out and proclaim His name, and teach other about Him through their chu...

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...ey can remember what Jesus did for them, and how He sacrificed everything to save them.
Though every church is different most all practice and teach the same things. The main goal of every church is to tech God’s word, and to glorify Him. All Christians are part of one universal church, and are all children of God, and also there are plenty of local churches where Christians go to worship God together. Most local churches also try to teach the unsaved about Jesus and the rest of the gospel. There are two particular things the current churches practice; those are baptism and the Lord’s Supper. Even though each local church is different, whether they practice the ordinances more often or less often they are still part of the universal church of God and believe that Jesus came to save them. Jesus saved everyone by being a sacrifice for all sins, and He was crucified.

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