Doctor Appointments At The University Of California Essay

Doctor Appointments At The University Of California Essay

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Doctor appointments were not always a pleasant experience. It wasn’t the fear of doctors that gave me a bad experience, so much as to the attitudes I received when I visited. Due to the impersonal attitudes I received from physicians, I felt both ignored or misunderstood. During one appointment, I visited the dermatologist regarding my athlete’s foot. She did not introduce herself nor did she ask for my name. Her bedside manners were quite rude and she quickly moved to diagnosing, only giving me a brief moment to explain my concerns. Following the appointment, I went to the pharmacy to pick up the medications. To my surprise, I was denied the medications because the doctor had written the wrong name on my prescription. The experience was frustrating but was no different from my other doctor appointments. However, my experience at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) Neurology Department has given me a different perspective of patient care. Before deciding to pursue a health profession, I never knew that connecting with patients would play a significant role in providing quality care. Having to relate to a patient’s feelings gave me a better understanding of how the patient was coping with his or her situation. It has made me more appreciative of my own experiences of understanding that the attitudes that physicians give to their patients is a reflection of their quality of care.
During my internship at UCSF, I had the opportunity to shadow the physicians during their rotations. As I listened to the patients’ stories, I found myself relating to a lot of the feelings they were experiencing. At one appointment, a patient had come to the clinic as a referral for her migraines. The patient had been diagnosed with migrain...

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... works directly with their patients, where I can directly see the results of my work, allowing me to oversee the quality of care provided to my patients. Dentistry provides a hands-on experience that allows me to have direct contact with the patient’s concern. Rather than diagnosing a symptom, I want to see what I can resolve instead of hoping that a prescription is enough to help a patient. Providing a service where I can work directly with my patients and see my work help them is a profession that best fits me. What makes me passionate about dentistry is the lifestyle that it takes. The approach of providing a health service is a personal relationship between dentist and patient. It considers the needs of a patient and allows the dentist to work directly with a situation. Dentistry is a profession that emphasizes all the skills that I have developed during my life.

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