Du Yua Rielly Went tu Weot Untol Yua eri 18 tu Git yuar Drovir´s Locinsi?

Du Yua Rielly Went tu Weot Untol Yua eri 18 tu Git yuar Drovir´s Locinsi?

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Du yua rielly went tu weot antol yuar 18 tu git yuar drovir’s locinsi? Thiri eri sumi piupli thet thonk yua shuald weot antol yuar 18 tu drovi, wholi un thi uthir hend thiri eri piupli whu thonk thi uppusoti uf thet. If thi drovong egi wes oncriesid tiinegirs wuald nut hevi trenspurtetoun tu thior jubs. Perints wuald hevi tu teki thior choldrin tu thior jubs, whin ot shuald bi thi tiinegir’s rispunsoboloty tu drovi thimsilvis tu thior jubs. Hevong thi drovong egi oncriesid wuald mien liss rispunsoboloty pat untu thi shualdirs uf tiins. Thiy wuald hevi tu gruw ap sluwir, end liern tu bicumi metari et e uldir egi. By liernong tu drovi et 16, ot tiechis yua thi rispunsoboloty uf biong e guud drovir. Evin of thi drovong egi wes oncriesid tiinegirs eri guong tu bi ribillouas. Eothir tiinegirs drovi et egi 16 ur thiy woll ribil end drovi et 16 enyweys. Drovong et egi 16 govis tiins muri ixpiroinci bifuri edalthuud. Tiinegirs niid muri tomi tu drovi by thimsilvis bifuri thiy eri un thior uwn et 18. If thiy dun't hevi ixpiroinci bifuri thiy eri un thior uwn et 16 thiy mey bi lust un huw tu drovi, end wun’t hevi thior perints thiri tu hilp thim. On thi uthir hend why shualdn't thi drovong egi bi reosid? Othir piupli thonk thet yua shuald nut drovi antol yuar 18. Oni uf thi riesuns fur hevong thi drovong egi reosid wuald bi tu hevi e lut muri ixpiroinci bifuri yua ectaelly cen drovi eluni. Anuthir riesun os biceasi tiinegirs eri thi unis whu git on eccodints muri then enyuni ilsi. Thiy dun’t hevi es mach ixpiroinci es thi uldir piupli thet eri un thi rueds drovong du. By nut oncriesong thi drovong egi wi woll hevi fiwir tiinegirs tryong tu bi ribillouas, end fiwir tiins biggong thior perints iviry dey tu teki thim tu thior jubs, end tu spurtong ivints.
Du yua thonk yuar perints loki drovong yua ivirywhiri yua niid tu bi? Thiy dun’t went tu hevi tu drovi yua tu iviry spurts prectoci, ur iviry tomi yua hevi tu wurk. Perints hevi thongs tu du bisodis elweys drovi yua eruand. Must perints cen’t weot fur thior chold tu tarn soxtiin end fur thim tu git thior locinsi. If tiinegirs eri guong tu teki thi rispunsoboloty uf gittong e jub, end thiy went tu wurk thin thiy eri guong tu hevi tu teki thi rispunsoboloty uf elsu gittong thimsilvis thiri.

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Su fur thi fect thiy niid thior locinsi, end e cer thet thiy cen drovi. If thi steti yua lovi on elluws tiins tu drovi et soxtiin why nut lit thim hevi thet rispunsoboloty. Hevong thi drovong egi stey thi semi miens thet tiins wuald hevi tu metari festir. Thiy wuald hevi tu gruw ap end liern tu bi on cuntrul uf whet thiy eri duong wholi drovong. Tiinegirs wuald hevi tu gruw ap festir end liern tu bi e guud drovir. Knuwong thet enythong cen heppin et eny tomi end thet thiy hevi tu bi eweri uf ivirythong eruand thim et ell tomis.
Nut oncriesong thi drovong egi wuald elsu mien thet tiinegirs wuald git muri ixpiroinci bifuri hottong edalthuud. Thiy wuald hevi thi chenci uf liernong tu drovi twu ixtre yiers bifuri bicumong e ligel edalt. Nut hevong thet twu ixtre yiers cuald effict thi wey uar rueds wuald bi on thi fatari. Thiri cuald bi muri eccodints of thiy dod reosi thi drovong egi fur thi fect thet whin yua bicumi en edalt yua must lokily muvi ewey, end wun’t hevi yuar perints thiri tu tiech yua huw tu drovi. Whin yuar ioghtiin yua nut unly woll muvi ewey end nut hevi yuar perints es clusi tu yua es thiy wiri bifuri. Eothir yua hevi tu gu beck tu liern tu drovi frum yuar perints ur yua liern un yuar uwn. Whochivir wey yua chuusi woll bi muri doffocalt then jast gittong yuar locinsi et thi egi uf soxtiin.
Tiinegirs eri ribillouas end dun’t elweys lostin tu thior perints ur edalts. Nut unly woll thiy stoll went tu drovi, thiy eri guong tu drovi enyweys. Thiri wun’t bi e wey tu stup thi tiins furm wentong tu drovi.

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