Do You Like Music? How Broad Is Your Taste? Essay

Do You Like Music? How Broad Is Your Taste? Essay

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Do you like music? How broad is your taste in music? If you’re into American pop and would like to try something new, Korean pop “KPOP” is something you should try. Kpop originated in 1992 in South Korea, completely changing the music game there. American pop we all know it is just one genre and mainly one sound. But with Kpop it is a range of genres, all of which i have listened to. Most kpop artist are in boy groups or girl groups, and each group has their own sound, from pop-rock. There is one boy group i personally think deserves the title as ‘princes of kpop’ as kpop fans would say. EXO is the best boy group and deserves the title as the princes of kpop due to their singing skills, dancing skills, acting skills , and their broad knowledge.

First, EXO is a Korean-chinese boy group formed in 2012 under SM entertainment, there are two sub groups. EXO K which promotes in Korea and then there’s EXO M which promotes in China. Together they are just EXO they have not just one but six strong vocalist. The two lead vocalist are Suho and Xiumin, and then the main vocalist are D.O, Baekhyun, Chen, and Lay. When i first heard EXO’s sound was when my little sister rushed into the living room where me and my sisters were, and played a song called “Growl” i was amazed with the harmonization, though at the time i did not understand what they were saying it didn’t matter. When someone sings that good it doesn’t matter what language it’s in you have to give props to their vocal ability. Watching live concert videos i was already amazed and satisfied with their singing . Early this year on February 10th my sisters and i went to Dallas to see them live in concert, and just as i thought they sounded even better live. Hitting every note, just ...

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...e are other members who once they graduated highschool ,went to college.

In a nutshell, EXO is the best boy group and deserves the title as the princes of kpop due to their singing skills, dancing skills, acting skills, and broad knowledge. Every single member has a skill for singing, they can all dance and some dance more than one form. Each member has acted in either a movie or television show. Also during training days have finished high school and attended college while learning a new language. With only just debuting in 2012 compared to kpop groups that have been out since 2006, EXO has won 102 awards. According to and wikepedia EXO has 44 Korean awards and 2 Chinese awards, making them the second Korean male artist with the highest number of music show wins. With a large fanbase in Korea, China, Japan, Thailand, Europe, and even America.

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