Do You Know Everything You Make An Investment Decision? Essays

Do You Know Everything You Make An Investment Decision? Essays

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1)Do you know everything you need to make an investment decision?
Even though the example gives you a good to location, reasonable wages, costs and skilled employees; it does provide sufficient information to make a wise investment. We do not know everything to make an investment decision in Russia, since the lack of information provided for the example will make the investment that of a high risk one. The example does not provide the laws in Russia. It does not specify what the government’s role on the economy is; by this I mean that example does not specify if Russia is under the rule of law or not. Just in the same way it does not say what the property rights in Russia are. Due to this you do not know until what extent you could use your land and your plant. If you have legal problems, you do not know if judges will follow the law to solve your case; they could receive bribes and unfairly take what you own.

2)If not, what else do you need to know about investment in foreign countries?
The example does not provide what laws in Russia could have a positive or negative effect on...

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