Do You Enjoy Beating Your Wife? Essay

Do You Enjoy Beating Your Wife? Essay

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Do you enjoy beating your wife? How about marrying 16 year olds girls? Even better, how would you like to have SEVERAL 16 year old wives? If you subconsciously say yes to all of those, look no further. Indonesia is the country for you. With a “How to inflict the beating” guideline provided (yes, literally), you can live the life of your dreams. You lucky sicko.

Indonesia is a sovereign transcontinental country in Southeast Asia-Oceania. As the world 's largest island country (more than 13,000), it has an estimated population of over 260 million people as of September 2016 (the world 's 4th most populous country). Indonesia is also the most populous Muslim-majority country. With mixed feelings, I acknowledge Indonesia is a country I grew up in.

The only thing accurate about domestic abuse Family Guy portrayed was that “it is a delicate matter”. In Indonesia, “domestic violence is considered a private matter and incidents are rarely reported, with victims facing considerable social pressure NOT to speak out”. However, the Indonesia National Commission on Violence against Women still reported 105,103 cases of violence against women in 2010 alone (with 90% of it domestic violence). Hmm, I wonder what the actual unreported number is? Fun fact, a 2003 survey across Indonesia reported that “25% of women who are or once were married agree that a husband is JUSTIFIED in beating his wife for any of the following reasons: burnt the food, argues with him, goes out without telling him, neglects the children, or refuses to have sex with him”. To make matters even worse, they re-did the survey in 2007. Guess what? The number raised to 30%. What are you waiting for sicko? Buy your ticket now.


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...lp protect your rights, however, without a request from you they don 't know who to help. Women 's rights organizations in Indonesia are also fighting to raise women 's legal marriage age to match the men 's.

I believe the key in moving toward the right direction lies in education. “Only 55 percent of children from low-income families are enrolled in junior secondary school”. With the best students of that 55% ranking 50 out of 57 countries in a standardized test (which looks at how well a 15-year old students are prepared for life). I believe the low education level in Indonesia is the biggest contributor to the perseverance of cultures that discriminate between gender. As education level improves, better human capital will eventually move on from the silly, discriminative, and extremely conservative obsolete cultures while paving a fair, just, and new Indonesia.

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