Do We And The Poor And Hungry? Essay

Do We And The Poor And Hungry? Essay

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Do We Have Obligations to the Poor and Hungry?
Looking through the textbook for interesting topics to choose from I came upon the argument over the poor and the hungry. This argument focuses on problems that we have in today’s world more so than most of the other authors. It was these author’s stances on helping the people in need that drew my attention. This is because I feel that this is an extremely important topic in the world in which we live.
To begin, the article states how there has always been a large gap between the ways people live. The article states, “the haves and the have-nots, the well fed and the starving… rich and the poor”. Many people are for this type of aid because they feel that it is their moral duty to help the less fortunate. However, people also feel that it should not be an obligation of the rich to “bail out” the less fortunate or needy third world countries.
Author Peter Singer is for this notion of helping out the less fortunate. In his article, Famine, Affluence and Morality, Singer shares of a real life situation in East Bengal where people desperately need the help of the more fortunate. Because of a Civil War in the country millions of people are dying from the lack of survival resources. However, Singer does not believe that they are all incapable of being saved. “The decisions and actions of human beings can prevent this kind of suffering”. He goes on to share that people are willing to help but only in small ways. Nobody, not even the government is willing to truly help the these countries in trouble for fear of hurting themselves.
This is what poses the problem of morality in our everyday lives. People always feel bad for the less fortunate but as Singer mentioned, only enough to make th...

... middle of paper ...

...eve that no one should be truly dependent on someone else for a long period of time. It is okay to take help from someone every now and again if you truly need it.However, if you just keep taking without solving the problem you in many cases are not using the aid that has been given to you wisely and could pose for future problems similar to the current one.
In conclusion, both of these authors, Peter Singer and Garrett Hardin, pose good ideas. However, they are on the extreme of both sides. Both accurately pose possible solutions to a current day world problem but very few people will be willing to go all in to either side. This is why most people will evaluate their morals and see which side works best for them personally and lean more towards that side. Although neither is the perfect solution it does present ways in which people can begin to solve the problem.

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